You get a human, and that is a good thing

The adage “doing more with less” is not-so-conveniently taking over a very human contribution to the business world, that being customer service. Automation in place of a real human with the power to unravel, decipher and correct concerns, discrepancies and general requests for information is a poor substitute for the real thing.

Even in an age of impersonal communication like e-mailing and texting, the consumer ultimately wants a real person to talk to when they pick up the telephone.

Here at Powered Aire, we are still “keeping it real.” You will not get an automated message when you dial our number, and you will be connected with a real person within the department that can assist you the best. Worst case scenario you might have to leave a voice message if the person you are trying to reach is assisting another client, but you will get a callback.

Members of Powered Aire’s inside sales team are the “gurus” of air curtain quoting, parts and application recommendations.

Inside Sales at PoweredAire

From left:

Dave Howard is the go-to person for parts. Having your air curtain’s serial number ready when you call is a big help. The serial number is located on a small silver sticker on the right side end cap when facing the front of the air curtain. Dave can also help you with your quotes and orders!

Lindsey Kekich and Emilee DeMuth are happy to take your calls for general information, take quote requests from our manufacturer’s reps in the field or direct calls to our network of reps throughout the country.

Feel free to give us a call!

888-321-2473 or the direct line for parts: 724-985-4183

Or e-mail

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