Got BIM?

Easy chair, take it easy, easy does it…all have a common theme, the ability or capability to appreciate something with the least amount of effort as possible. Now Powered Aire has switched into ‘easy’ mode with the launch of its BIM files.

Sure, a word consisting of three capital letters sounds important, and in this case it really is. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, and it involves the creation of digital models of equipment, buildings and other multi-dimensional objects.

Powered Aire’s BIM files consist of three-dimensional designs of its air curtain product line. Architects, engineers and other facility designers can pull the BIM file of a particular air curtain model directly from the company’s BIM listings and incorporate them into drawings and specifications simply with the click of the mouse button. Now, that’s easy!

Need BIM? We have it!



BIM & CSI Specifications

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