Air Curtains and Fabric Duct

Air curtains are an effective way for your business to prevent infiltration of outside air at door openings and save energy costs, while our fabric duct is an efficient way to distribute air throughout large spaces.

Explore our product lines below to find a solution that works for your facility.

Air Curtains

Our air doors create a transparent barrier that’s designed to perform in commercial and industrial applications, including retail stores, restaurants, and warehouses. Air curtains can fend off flying insects, provide climate control at door openings, and prevent unwanted fumes from infiltrating high-traffic openings.

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Fabric Duct

Our industrial air curtain models protect dock doors and the largest of openings in applications including warehouses, train bays, and airplane hangars. Made of durable stainless steel, these air doors discharge a downward stream of air that protects against insects and airborne contaminants such as vehicle fumes.

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